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    The Problem

    JLG came to Remote Learner with a need to have a map that displayed certain trainers filtered based upon available training certification and location.

    The map needed the ability to display different sets of trainers depending on the training path that a learner takes.

    The Concept

    JLG employees need to be certified to use various types of equipment.

    Employees will use the map to search for certified trainers in a location convenient for them to receive the training.

    The Solution

    The Custom Solutions team created an interactive mapping application with the following features:

    • Machine images for visual reference to the training certification
    • Toggles on/off are highlighted with theme colors
    • Map pins feature the needed information for users to connect with the appropriate trainer.

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    User Experience

    Employee clicks on the machine matching the certification that he needs.

    Map displays pins of trainers certified for that machine.

    Employee selects a location and clicks the pin to find contact information for that trainer.

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