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    Recognition Block

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    The Problem

    Staying motivated in an online learning environment is a challenge.

    The Concept

    Promote learning through certificates and badges by providing an easy interface for searching and sharing accomplishments on social media site(s).

    The Solution

    The Custom Solutions team created a Recognition block with the following features:

    • Ability to search through awarded certificates and badges at the admin, teacher, and student levels
    • Ability to share certificates and badges on LinkedIn (future updates plan to include other social sites)
    • Recognition block can be used at both the course level and site level via dashboard. The dashboard level shows certificates and badges earned site-wide.

    recognition block

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    User Experience

    Students can view list of My Awards

    Badges and Certificates can be shared on LinkedIn with the click of a button.

    Instructors have options to Search all awards.

    recognition block

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