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    Original Design

    Dietitians of Canada came to Remote Learner with hopes to rework a course full of PDF and Word document downloads.

    One of the downloads was a Food and Activity Log for learners to download, print, and complete on their own.

    Creative Thinking

    Designers started with idea that this could be done online for simplicity and keeping the learners working in the course.

    In addition, constructivist learning theory suggests that learners would be more connected and, therefore, likely gain more from being able to compare their results to others in the class.

    About the Module

    Questionnaire provides a variety of ungraded question types with nice reporting options upon submission. This is often used for course feedback surveys.


    Designers created a Food and Activity Log questionnaire that offered the following enhancements:

    • Learners completed the activity online directly within the LMS
    • Upon submission, learners could anonymously compare their answers with others taking the course

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