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    Original Design

    A pediatric surgeon came to Remote Learner with big dreams of translating endless PowerPoint review slides into a powerful study guide tool for the medical board tests.

    Creative Thinking

    Designers brainstormed how to effectively use persuasive design in a simple way to guide the studying doctors to the information they needed to review further.

    Knowing that the project dream included 1,000s of review questions, it was important to start with the best, direct and efficient design.

    About the Module

    Quiz is a commonly used module for assessments with a wide variety of graded question types and a wealth of reporting data about user attempts.

    This module offers excellent, often underused, opportunities to provide feedback based on selected answers.


    Designers created a Essential Review quiz that offered the following enhancements:

    • Randomized questions for a new set of questions each time learners take the quiz
    • Extensive feedback for correct and incorrect answers providing basic rationale for the correct answer, academic reference, and link to further information within the study material
    • A design that creates an interactive study guide for learners to test themselves with easy access to study material for which they need extra review

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