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    Original Design

    The Learning Spaces team used a Google document to store code snippets used for the design of the learning modules.

    Page titles and descriptions were used to denote where to code should be used.

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    Creative Thinking

    Designers had previously created a small glossary of code for a Remote Learner client who wanted to try building courses based on the redesign created for them. This seemed like an excellent match for the Learning Spaces design resource.

    There is significant benefit in being able to see what the code is supposed to produce along with the code itself.

    This can be especially helpful to those who are not experienced in working with HTML code, giving them a boost of confidence to see how the code fits together to produce the intended design.

    About the Module

    Glossary is an excellent tool for both collaborative learning and for providing information for learners throughout a course using autolinking.

    Glossary is typically and effectively used to provide definitions or more information about concepts presented in a course.


    Designers created a Theme Elements and Design glossary that offered the following enhancements:

    • Searchable warehouse of useful code
    • Code snippets provided side-by-side or under a working example illustrating how the design should display
    • Ability to continuously add/edit entries as design elements evolve and expand

    If you are interested in a redesign project, talk to your Account Manager about having a code snippet glossary included in your project plan.

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