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    Simple Certificate

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    Original Design

    Biolase wanted a form letter to officially acknowledge participation and award continuing education credits for courses in addition to a certificate of completion.

    Creative Thinking

    Knowing that the Simple Certificate formatting works in a similar way to mail merge, designers brainstormed, tested, and created a form letter within the certificate fields.

    About the Module

    Simple Certificate is a highly customizable module that pulls information from user profile fields and course settings used to create a unique course completion certificate.

    This module is a plugin that would need to be installed on your LMS.


    Designers created a Continuing Education Credits Letter that offered the following enhancements:

    • Background image with needed signature and logos
    • Text, profile fields, and course information is arranged around the background image to display as a form letter
    • Easy to update as needed with new wording and/or background image

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