• Using Grid Format for Resources

    What is Grid Format?

    Grid Format is a highly visual course display.  Users click image tiles to access the sections of the course. The sections can be set to open in a pop-up window or in the same window as the main course page.

    There is a New activity highlight setting that can enabled to add a banner on sections with new items.  This can be helpful for users checking in the course for continuously updated resources.

    Check out the interactive example below.

    Suggested Uses

    Grid Format can be well used to organize resources for learners.

    • Human Resources Hub for forms, handbooks, expectations, forums, etc.
    • Media Library with video, audio, software, how-to guides, etc.
    • Study Hall with study guides, sample test questions, practice tests, etc.
    • Gallery of Historical or Artistic Eras
    • Homework Spot with assignments as well as helpful tips, links, interesting information, etc.

    Download template

    Before downloading the template, confirm that the Grid Format is available on your site.

    • Navigate to Course administration ► Edit settings ► Course format ► Format to verify that Grid format appears in the dropdown menu
    • If you do not see Grid format in the list, contact your site administrator or Account manager to have it installed

    Download the Grid Format (Resources) template.

    This is a backup (.mbz) file for Grid Format (Resources) course that includes placeholder text as a guide when setting up the course with your own content.

    After downloading the backup file, use the following process to restore the template to your site:

    • Navigate to Course administration ► Restore
    • Within the Files area, upload the template file and click Restore
    • Follow the step-by-step process for restoring the course
    • Forms

      Complete the following forms...

      Something to consider...
      • Using completion tracking, users can manually mark the forms they have completed. 
      • Depending on the nature of the information on the form, an assignment could be used to provide a place for users to upload completed forms.
    • Interesting Articles

      Enjoy the following articles....

      Something to consider...
      • Using a Glossary module in a section like this would add collaboration and interaction for users, giving them the ability to create entries of interesting items. Glossary would also have the benefit of being searchable.
    • Required Reading

      Read the following required items...

    • Technology Support

      Browse the following resources...

      Something to consider...
      • A forum could be useful in a section like this. Users could post (and respond to) questions.
      • A glossary of searchable videos/tutorials/guides could also be an asset.
    • Videos