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Adaptive Quiz Engine

Adaptive Quiz

The Adaptive Quiz is a new activity module that allows instructors to administer an adaptive style quiz. As the student attempts the quiz an algorithm uses a formula to choose questions and estimate the students ability within a certain amount of error. When adding/editing the adaptive quiz, instructors can define the activity parameters that will be used by the algorithm while the student is attempting the activity.

The adaptive quiz requires the use of both question bank categories and tags, in order to determine the questions that will be displayed during an individual user's attempt. Tags are used to assign the questions difficulty levels. Then categories of questions can be assigned to the adaptive quiz question pool.

The activity parameters allow the instructor to determine the difficulty levels of questions available for the quiz. A starting level is selected for the first question and then the algorithm selects the next difficulty level for a question to be chosen from. If the student answers a question correctly, a more challenging question is chosen next. If the student answers a question incorrectly, a less challenging question is chosen next.

During the start of an attempt the number of questions is undetermined. The amount of questions presented will be between a minimum and maximum number of questions set in the activity parameters. After the minimum number of questions have been answered, the quiz will stop when the user's ability level is determined to the required accuracy or the quiz stops when the maximum number of questions have been answered.