ELIS reports are designed to be fast, exportable, and to cover many organizations' reporting needs. 

The standard reports in ELIS 2.0 include:

  • Program Reports
    • Programs Report
  • Course Reports
    • Course Completion Gas Gauge
    • Sitewide Course Completion Report
  • Class Reports
    • Class Completion Gas Gauge
    • Class Roster Report
  • Organization/User Set Reports
    • Course Completion by User Set Report
  • User Reports
    • Individual Course Progress Report
    • Individual User Report
    • User Class Completion Report
  • Administrative Reports
    • Absence Report
    • Course Progress Summary Report
    • New Registrants by Course Report
    • New Registrants by Student Report
    • Site Usage Summary Report
    • Sitewide Time Summary Report
    • Sitewide Transcript Report
Course Progress Summary Report sample:

Screenshot displaying course progress summary report

The ELIS Reports engine supports translation via Moodle's standard translation tools, fine grained control of who can see what on the reports via ELIS roles, and Moodle's theme engine.