Adaptive Quiz Engine

Attempting an Adaptive Quiz

The student opens the quiz by selecting the quiz link from the course home page.

Quiz link

Then select the Start attempt button to start the quiz.

Start attempt button for a quiz

When the student starts the quiz the first question will have the difficulty level specified when adding the quiz, which is level 75 in this instance.

Quiz question

The student answered the previous question correctly so the quiz uses a formula to calculate the next level of difficulty a question should be chosen from. In this instance it is from level 98.

Quiz question

The level 98 question is answered incorrectly and then a level 87 question is selected. This continues until the quiz is completed. There are two ways to complete the quiz.
  • After the minimum number of questions have been answered, the quiz will stop when the user's ability level is determined to the required accuracy. For this quiz the standard error that must be achieved is 10, which means the user's ability level or score must be accurate to within +- 10%.
  • If the standard error isn't achieved, the quiz stops when the maximum number of questions have been answered. For this quiz the maximum number of questions that can be answered is 30.