REIN Filter

REIN Library Javascript


REIN Filter allows jQuery interactions to be added and edited directly within the LMS text editor field.

The filter detects the markup code on a page and loads the CSS and JS required to skin and animate the REIN element.


Navigation block ► RL Toolkit ► Add-on Manager

  • Type REIN into the Filter search field.
  • Install REIN Library Javascript plugin.

Remote Learner recommends installing both the REIN Help and the REIN Library Javascript.


  • Navigate to Site administration ▶ Plugins ▶ Filters ▶ Manage filters.
  • Locate the REIN Library Javascript.
  • Select "On" from the Active? column.


Use the following steps to confirm that the REIN Library Javascript filter is working:

  • Navigate to a course and turn editing on.
  • Add the REIN Help Block to the course.
  • Copy provided code for one of the REIN elements.
  • Add a label to the main course page.
  • Switch to HTML view using the < > button in the HTML editor.
  • Paste copied REIN code into the HTML view.
  • Save the label.
  • If the code displays as an interactive element, then the REIN Filter has been successfully activated.