Data Hub Version 1 Export

The documentation in this book is for using Data Hub Version 1 Export for Moodle 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3 and Totara 9.

What is Data Hub?

Data Hub is a general tool for importing and exporting user/course/enrollment information, either manually or automatically on a schedule, via CSV files. This is a common method for integrating SIS/HR/ERP/MIS systems with an LMS.

Data Hub Version 1 Export overview:
The LMS is a powerful system for delivering courses and assessing student progress, however it is common that users' grade data will need to be shared with other systems such as SIS, EPR, or HR systems.

To facilitate this, Remote Learner created Data Hub Version 1 Export, providing the capability to export incremental or historical course grades for users as standardized CSV files. Exports can be triggered manually or scheduled to run at recurring times.  Detailed logs are kept of export jobs, which can be viewed online and/or emailed to designated recipients.

Update Frequency

Exports can be scheduled to be processed at specific times/dates and on recurring schedules. Multiple schedules can be created to address a variety of export timing requirements.

Data format(s)

Data Hub produces data in CSV (comma separated values) files - a common format that can be easily viewed and/or edited in most spreadsheet management tools.

Automating Data Export

Data Hub can be scheduled to automatically process export files, placing in a specific folder on the LMS server.  If an external source data system (SIS/ERP/HRMS, etc.) can be setup to automatically retrieve and process the files, an automated data flow can be established.