LMS Checkout Commerce Management Documentation

Configuring Location, Timezone, and Time/Date Format


The Continent and Timezone options are important because because LMS Checkout will automatically perform timezone conversions on the Calendar for live classes scheduled in other timezones. The time and date format can specified and will impact both on-screen and printable notices.


When viewing the LMS Checkout administration panel, select the Commerce category of options within the main menu bar, and then select General Settings in the navigation menu along the left side of the page.


  • Use the Continent drop-down to select the appropriate continent.
  • The choice of Continent will establish a default Timezone, although Timezone can be changed to any valid timezone for the Continent selected.
  • Choose the Date Format that should be used both on-screen and on any printable invoices.
  • Choose the desired Time Format to be used by the store when displaying any time-related information. Select either "12 hour time" or "24 hour time".
  • If changes have been made, select Submit at the bottom of the page to commit the changes to the server.